Football Federation Australia to stand up and support the people who empower their game.

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Football Federation Australia to stand up and support the people who empower their game.

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I have been in love with the beautiful game for all of my life. I have played, coached and supported the game from grass roots level for over 40 years. I have finally come to the realisation that this game can be so much better if it wasn't for the ongoing battle we have on a daily basis from the likes of media interest from greedy corporations and media outlets who have an obvious agenda and financial interests in other sports.

Johnny Warren so proudly spoke highly of the 'Sheila's, Wogs and Poofters' ethos which was instilled into the minds of a nation back in the 50, 60, and 70's. Surely we have come far enough in the past 50 years to stop having people say, 'Put an end to the game, and send them all back to where they came from.'

This is quite confusing for my Aboriginal family, where am I and my family supposed to be sent back too?

After seeing The Sunday Telegraph front page today, I was astounded to think that with Terrorist story's in Paris, Mali and Beirut in the past week as well as unfortunate people's lives perished in Bushfires, we awoke to a front page article which was disgracefully deceitful and damaging to our game. 

When in the eyes of the Football Family of this country will the Football Federation of Australia, start to defend the people who they claim, 'Power the game?'

We demand a statement damning this report and a firm obligation that these reports are exposed for the lies that they are. An open apology to the fans and families whom have been exposed worse than terrorists, some who have not even broken the law and have no police record for the perceived charges.

Within 24 hours of this story being published there are already people whom have had to explain their actions as an employee to their employer, as well as students who are into the most important years of their lives whom now have this 'sokkah hooligan' tag around  their necks for the rest of their lives, at the entry of their name into a webpage search engine for ever, when ever they apply for a job in the future.

This needs to stop and an investigation into how this information was leaked and subsequently published. Every legal avenue should be made available for every person mentioned in this article and their concerned families so this never happens again.

Starting up an appeals process for all banned members of the public would be a positive and huge step forward to the inactions of the past, which is constantly dragging our game to the dark ages once again and fuelling the awaitng bias media vultures.

This is our game, the beautiful game, let's be proud of our contribution to this world phenomenon and share the passion which has embraced and enriched so many lives around the world.

When can we start this?




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