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Say no to 'B' Teams

This is a petition against the 'B' teams proposal, detailed in Greg Dykes report for the Football Association, into how English footballers can develop into better players and what our country can do to support that.

What this proposal means is that teams such as Manchester City and other Premier League teams can enter another Under 21 side into the Football League. This would mean creating an extra 'League 3' thus breaking up a football pyramid that has existed for 125 years. For this reason, and many many others, we simply cannot allow this proposal to go ahead and urge every football fan to sign this petition. We do not want the Football League, which is steeped in history and is the biggest of it's kind in the world, to be broken up in order to please the minority.

This proposal is deeply opposed by thousands of everyday football fans up and down the country and this petition has been created to give the fans a voice. In the creation of the report the Commission failed to consult fans to ask for their opinion on the subject, this petition is to finally give the fans that voice.

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