Palm oil products to be labelled with pictures of deforestation

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Palm oil is detrimental both to our health and planet. It is found in a high percentage of the items sold in shops from toothpaste to biscuits. Palm oil plantations are decreasing our forests at an astronomical rate and we need our trees not only for the animals they are home to but the rainforests provide our planet with most of the oxygen we use and absorbing a lot of our carbon dioxide too.

With half the trees now gone we need to put an end to the mass production of palm plantations that are being planted in place of our rainforests. With so many creatures becoming critically endangered we need to act now for our children and grandchildren so that they do not see the total destruction of our planet. The world and our animal kingdom needs our help.

85% of palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia and with the clearing of trees and the burning of the wood it contributes to the green house effect as well as diminishing the rainforest for it's inhabitants.

This product is used in products such as chocolates, biscuits and crackers just because it is cheap. When you see the loss of lives and forest because of the demand for this substance it really is paying a high price.

Before this product reaches us, it is bleached, refined and deodorised. We should have the right to this information before we buy a product and give it to our children. 

The producers of these products will be written to asking to consider using  a similar ingredient along with this petition.

We need to think of a way we can support workers to be paid to replant forest instead of destroy it.