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Bournville Sixth Form is an integral part of Bournville School and Sixth Form Centre- it's even in the name. However, recently, it has become endangered due to a consultation document circulating the Fairfax Multi-Academy Trust, which proposes the discontinuation of the Sixth Form and the conversion of part of the school into a primary school. As of yet, this is just a consultation- and hopefully, it will not progress from that. That's what we're here for, as the students and parents of Bournville School, to show our support for the staff in the Sixth Form, and to combine our efforts in order to oppose the closing of the Sixth Form that so many have benefited, and will benefit from.

Thus far, the proposals are:

  • To make all Sixth Form specific teachers redundant (which may come into effect before the end of the school year, potentially having disastrous effects on the grades of the current students)
  • To convert part of Bronte building into a space for younger students
  • To convert Bournville into an all-through school (ages 4-16)

Why should we fight these proposals? Well, there are many reasons, but here are the main few:

  • Many of the Sixth Form teachers have done excellent work at Bournville and have a lot of love and dedication to the school- is it fair on them to close down a space that they have worked so hard to make as good as possible?
  • The Sixth Form leadership team and staff are wonderful and care so much about maintaining a high standard of teaching and results
  • Many students who joined the school for the promise of being able to continue on into the Sixth Form will be forced to leave at age 16 and move onto a different place
  • The reasons for the proposals are only to do with funding- there are ways that we could cut back on the costs of the Sixth Form, but our efforts to communicate these have so far been ignored by FMAT
  • Would Bournville really be the school we chose to come to without the Sixth Form?

If you want your voice to be heard, remember that we are more powerful together. Please sign, and save our Sixth Form!

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