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Auckland Council immediately stop fluoridation of the Franklin Ward townships


To Auckland Council Regional Strategy and Policy Committee,


We the undersigned require the Council to, in relation to those residents in the Franklin Ward townships of Buckland, Patumahoe, Clarks Beach, Waiau Beach and Glenbrook Beach who receive reticulated water:

1. consult with those residents in an open. transparent and democratically accountable manner regarding the addition of fluorides to their water supply, as required under section 14 and Part 6 of the Local Government Act 2002; and

2. immediately cease adding fluorides to their water supply (this constituting medicating these residents without their consent) until such consultation has taken place.

We reject the illegal medication of these residents by a private water company, accepted by the Auckland Council on 3 March 2016, in breach of the consultation requirements of the Local Government Act.

Signed by Fluoride Free NZ                                                         

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