Removal of Florida Eighth Judicial Circuit Judge Gloria R. Walker

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when news spread that a 15-year-old had planned a massacre at the county’s only high school.

"MAKE SURE THE TEACHERS ARE DEAD," he ranted in a notebook. "Then rinse repeat."

When the sophomore shared his six-page "School Shooting Plan" with a classmate in early September, it set in motion what authorities called a textbook response to averting another Parkland school shooting, which took the lives of 14 students and three school staffers last year.

Within minutes, the student was in custody. By most accounts, parents felt reassured by the swift action of school officials and law enforcement.

But unease resurfaced last month when a judge dismissed second-degree felony charges against the boy and released him back into the community west of Jacksonville

To authorities and school officials, one provision in the law seemed clear: Anyone who “makes, posts, or transmits” a threat of mass shooting “in any manner that would allow another person to view the threat” has committed a crime.

Judge Gloria R. Walker saw things differently and dismissed the case because she said prosecutors could not prove the threat had been transmitted as described in the law.

She needs to be removed from office and only our Legislature can do this before her elected term is up.  Which is almost six years away.