Demand A/C in All Florida Prisons

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Today’s forecast … Grueling heat. Heat index has begun reaching over 100° in parts of the state.

The 8th amendment gives constitutional right to prisoners to be free of cruel and unusual punishment. It’s been a well-known fight, in the age of mass incarceration against inhuman prison tactics and policies that strip human dignity. In Florida our heat index is already rising above 100°. Most of our public is unaware that thousands of inmates for an array of charges, including non-violent convictions are held within concrete walls of filth, disease and violence with no AC. Temperatures regularly rise above the healthy body heat index. Once the external heat index rises about 95°, the body cannot cool down. Our loved one’s and correctional officers face hallucinations, heat stroke, dehydration, and even death. Temperature can easily rise above 120° within the concrete prison walls, with little ventilation and broke exhaust fans.

Florida’s inmate mortality is the highest in the country. Current count as of 6/13/18 is 216 deaths with 176 pending investigations. If our prisons had basic AC then the violence would decrease, medical costs would decrease, and behavioral health would improve. With the rate of climate change our prisons our reaching incredible temperatures never reached in the past, it’s time to reform NOW. These provisions are within the 8th amendment guaranteeing our prisoners freedom from cruel and unusual punishment. If the state of Florida cannot put up to fulfill their obligations of healthcare and basic needs, it’s time to end the era of mass incarceration. Put up or Release.


It’s time to lower our medical bills with preventative measures, prevent heat stroke, prevent violence and prevent death with and AC!

Correctional officers are also subject to the grueling heat, they are already under paid to do dangerous and important jobs of protecting our loved ones and controlling contraband. It’s time they work in better conditions with humane temperatures.


 Put out or RELEASE


Facilities without AC

  1. Taylor main unit & Work camp
  2. Jackson CI
  3. DeSoto Annex
  4. Franklin Work Camp
  5. Calhoun
  6. Columbia main unit and work camp
  7. Martin CI (Broken exhaust fans, stagnant heat)
  8. Tomoka
  9. Hamilton Work camp & annex
  10. CFRC-East
  11. RMC main unit & west unit
  12. Baker work camp
  13. Columbia work camp
  14. Lowell minor facilities and some dorms
  15. Gulf CI
  16. Marion CI
  17. Walton Work camp
  18. Putnam County CI
  19.  Okaloosa CI
  20. Lawtey CI
  21. Graceville
  22. Apalachee East unit
  23. Holmes CI

Florida Legislature, we DEMAND you adequately fund our institutions and prisons. 

We DEMAND humane practices with include freedom from Cruel and unusual punishment.

We DEMAND A/C in ALL Florida institutions

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