To impeach Governor Ron DeSantis for neglecting his duty to protect Floridians from COVID

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Governor Ron DeSantis has continued to demonstrate that he is willing to put Floridians in harms way. He waited to act in a timely matter to combat COVID, does not follow his current guidelines for reopening. He rushed to reopen Florida by manipulating the numbers and telling medical examiners to stop reporting COVID deaths. If this continues to happen, the amount of economic losses and number of unnecessary deaths will continue to increase.

At the time of this petition, DeSantis continues to down play the urgency of how many Floridians are getting infected with COVID. We are breaking Florida's daily COVID case records on a daily basis. He's blaming Hispanic workers for his incompetence instead of taking charge to combat COVID. He's blamed that increased testing is the reason for higher COVID numbers, Florida doctors say otherwise. As we are watching other countries, states, handle their pandemic responses better, this is unacceptable.

We need a change of leadership, someone who is willing to listen to science and not try to manipulate it or turn a blind eye to the crisis Florida is in. This should not be a partisan issue. Our health and well-being as well as our economic future is on the line. If DeSantis acted quicker in shutting down the state, listen to doctors, followed his own guidelines for reopening, Florida would be in a better position to allow us to get back to some normalcy sooner than what is happening now. 

This petition calls for our Florida leaders to impeach Ron DeSantis for failing his sworn duty to protect Florida and its inhabitants.