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Florida Medicaid: Maintain skilled nursing care services for disabled young adults after they turn 21 years of age.

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Let Jordan Stroman maintain her essential skilled nursing care services after she turns 21 years of age. 


Hello friends,

My name is Jordan Stroman and I am a disabled young adult with a progressive neuromuscular disease.  Because of the severity of my disabilities, I require substantial medical services including skilled nursing care assistance. I am wheelchair dependent, with little use of my arms. I use a breathing machine to assist me 24 hours a day and I have a feeding tube.  I  occasionally experience frightening  choking and aspirating episodes, where I have great difficulty in coughing.  I have been blessed to always have a very skilled nurse with me who can intervene immediately whenever this occurs. 

For 3 years now Florida Medicaid has recognized my need for skilled nursing care.  Medicaid currently provides me with 24 hour care / 6 days a week, and 16 hours on Sundays.  I have used the opportunity and independence that this assistance has afforded me to attend college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  My family home is 70 miles away, in Indian Harbour Beach, so I live on campus in a dorm room and my nurses come here to assist me.  My parents come over every Sunday to visit and care for me.  I am completing my junior year at UCF and pursuing a major in digital media. 

I would love for you to visit my web-site at if you would like more information about me and my campaign.

On June 25 I will be turning twenty-one and, because of my age, Florida Medicaid requires me to be moved into a different program.  This program is called the 'Aged/Disabled Adult Waiver Aging Out Program'. The objective of this program “is intended to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted provision of services necessary for the recipient to maintain the highest practical level of physical, emotional, and psychosocial well being while remaining in the home and community.” 

This program is supposed to take disabled young adults and transition them into a different program with “smooth, uninterrupted services”.  Unfortunately I have been informed that my skilled nursing care services will be decreased to 16 hours a day on June 25.  This loss of care cannot be interpreted as “smooth” or “uninterrupted”.  

The consequences of not having the skilled care that my circumstances require could be life threatening.  Without this assistance, I would also be forced to drop out of college and return home, without the opportunity to finish my degree and graduate. 

I would like to insist that Medicaid honor their written objective for this Aging Out Program.   Medicaid needs to truly offer “uninterrupted services” with the continuation of all approved skilled nursing care services as provided to a recipient prior to their twenty-first birthday. Medicaid services should be based on acuity of care and not be limited by age.   


Help me keep my skilled nursing care.

Help me finish college and graduate.



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