Sending an SOS. Save Our Snapper Fishery in South Australia

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Send an SOS to help keep us fishing for Snapper in South Australia. Please sign this petition to say no to a 3.5 year ban on our snapper fishing, leave a comment and share with others to show your support. We are looking for your vote not a donation when asked. 

We are faced with 2 options including a 3.5 year total ban of snapper fishing in South Australia. Both options put to us by The South Australian Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone are based on some Snapper stock assessment surveys which includes estimates of state wide Snapper numbers using a daily egg production count (DEPM) which was done in a small area, weather hampered this survey & Pirsa were advised by other Fishers that they actually were doing the survey in the wrong area as there was huge numbers of Snapper spawning in other areas. Can we shut our Snapper Fishery down based on this very poor science? NO. We need a lot more invested in the right science before any further decisions can be made on this fishery.

This decision is going to cripple our Charter Fishing industry with many operators who are already under pressure from rising costs and extended closures having no option but to shut the doors and walk away. Also those areas who rely on the tourism dollars that the snapper fishing brings to them via the recreational fishers from all over not just SA are going to suffer. We will see shops, tackle stores, fuel stations and caravan parks just to name a few really suffer and in some cases having to close with regional areas being the most effected.

This closure will see a huge shift of pressure to other species and then what?

We who fish the sea can’t fish for Golden Perch as you mentioned in your press release. So Fair Go Mr Whetstone Let’s Do Your Homework Properly