Don't Commemorate The Black and Tans

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On January 17th the so-called Irish Government are planning to officially commemorate the Black and Tans in Dublin Castle.

This event is part of a wider campaign by the Free State administration to try and equal those who fought against Irish Independence with those who fought for Irish independence. 

We saw this in 2016 when the 26 county state officially commemorated the crown forces who died during the 1916 rising and with the creation of the Glasnevin Wall of shame.

The Black and Tans were a terrorist organisation sent to Ireland in 1920 to quell Irish aspirations for a 32 county Irish Republic which was democratically voted on by the Irish people in December 1918.

The Black and Tans were given free rein to murder and rape across Ireland so for the so-called Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan to state that they were "only doing their job" and "upholding the law" is disgraceful.

Would Charlie say the same about the Nazi SS during the 1930s and 1940s and the police forces across occupied Europe who collaborated with them in handing over people for concentration camps?

The RIC and DMP were the eyes and ears of British rule in Ireland, during the great hunger they helped export food while millions starved, they evicted people from their homes and beat people to death who were on strike.

The Black and Tans were a subdivision of the RIC so to commemorate the RIC is bad enough but you are also commemorating the Black and Tans.

The important thing to remember is the Black and Tans never really left us, their type donned a Free State uniform, an RUC uniform, a B specials uniform, a paratroop uniform, an eviction team uniform etc so this event has is not just about 1920 it has far-reaching consequences.

We are calling on the organisers of this event in Dublin Castle on January 17th to cancel the event in memory of all those who have suffered under the crown forces occupation of Ireland.