To Make Availability of social security for people working in private firm

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Hi ! This is Prathamesh Salvi, working for a BPO for many years. Thinking about future I always think about what at the end or when takes retirement?? What's next?? How will I save, or get any money or support from when i won't have anyone??? It scares me and on the other hand people working in government firms always insults and will keep insulting me or my brothers out there. As all people working in private specially my fellow colleagues working in BPO industry are the people who are paying tax on time and actual amount as we don't have a choice or pay what we want because it comes out from my salary every month automatically. My company does all the calculations for me. But I always think of what I always taught here I.e. what's in it for me???

We all people will pay on time and exact deduction as per government policies, without even our consent or option to save it somewhere, whats in it for us???


So I want justice by getting something in return like social security when I will get old as individually even I am a part of economical growth for the nation. 


So my fellow brothers and sister please sign and share as much as u can so a small hissings turns out a our sound. 

Else live and let live the way we all are.