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Remove Deposit of 25% of loan amount in DRAT court.

People take a loan from the bank when they don't have money. Now a days, bank employees declare an acoount NPA illegaly on the false and frivolous grounds so that they can auction the property at a cheaper rate and make undertable money from the buyer. When the borrower lodges a complaint in the DRT court, the judge under the guidance of finance ministry has to give the judgement biased towards the bank and cause injustice to the borrower. Suppose the borrower wants to lodge a complaint against the bank in the DRAT court, he is required to pay a deposit of 25% which basically means that a person cannot get justice if he does not have money. Therefore we petition the government to change the law and make it subject to each case and ask the borrower to deposit only if the person is found guilty.

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  • Finance Minister
    Change in Sarfesi Act 2002

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