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Marc Marquez out of Valencia Motogp

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At the light of new video evidence from the Sepang Clash beetwin Valentino Rossi and marc marquez and the statements releasd by the two riders to the Press and to Race Officils, it is clear that the young spaniard lied about the events, he claims that there was no contact prior to Valentino kicking him causing him to fall, the video evidence does not support this version as it is clear that he pourposefully rode into de left side of Valentino, hitting him with helmet and handlebar and pushing his foot off the footpeg, just as Valentino said. By the time Valentino tried to regain the footpeg, making a move similar to a kick, Marquez was already falling, as a product of his own action, but still he blame it on Valentino.

Therefore: "As ture lovers and fans of this sports and the sportmanship shown by nearly the entire racing field, in the name of all the supporters of this sport, in the name of sportmanship, in the name of loyalty, in the name of the thruth and justice that always must reign in this sport, We demand to FIM Officials, Dorna Sports, Shuhei Nakamoto, Livio Suppo, Emilio Alzamora and whom else in the power to make a decision, to sanction marc marquez for disrespecting this sport and millions of fans by destroying what it was beeing a truly legendary racing year and possibly destroying this sport as we know it, simply to satisfy his ego and destroy the hopes of the greatest adversary he will ever have the pleasure to fight against, Valentino Rossi, pushed by envy and resentment for his true greatness. In the light of the fact that marc marquez did not hesitate to declare the false, in the light of the fact that Dorna Officils recognised that he purposefully slowed down Valentino Rossi, as a sanction we demand that he will not be allowed to take part in the final round in Valencia"


The demand, is very light, not even beeing a real sanction as he does not lose any position in the Championship, fact is that he could have gone on holidays after Philip Island and still kept third position in the Championship, but unfortunately he decided to do otherwise. Probably he inflicted himself the heaviest sanction as he will be remembered as the guy who sabotaged Valentino's hopes for title X, or the guy who singlhandedly killed Motogp, as opposed to Valentino, who siglehandedly saved Motogp.


We, fans and lovers of Motogp as we know it today, thank you dearly for reading and listening to our hearts.



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