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Most people think a mean breed exists, it doesn't. The predilection in "pits or Staffordshire Terriers" is that they are too obedient, they aim to please their masters. It is this very trait that lends itself for "WHAT IS DONE TO THEM". Yes they have strong jaws, yes they are driven and responsive, BUT they are not born mean, they are not born loco to kill. That is programed into them by trainers who have no scruples, who seek fame and fortune and prestige in one of the "SICKEST" past times that they deem is a sport. B.S. I hate B.S. From before they open their eyes and are days old, "while nursing" they are pulled of their mothers nipples, slapped, "roughed up" and tormented, and the horrors are just beginning. This depravation continues until they are weened often too early. They are frustrated purposefully into becoming aggressive. Then the rags with blood begin, tied to ropes and on pulleys, they give them the bloody rags to bite that are tied to a rope, once they bite the bloody rag the rope is pulled to literally get them to bear down on the rag and are pulled upwards so they are hanging from the bitten rag. They are hanging heads up from the rags to increase their mandible strength. All the while they can be whipped to increase their anger, frustration, and aggressivity. All of this, is done by their handler. AND SOCIETY WANTS TO SAY THAT IT IS THE BREED! Bull S_ _ T!  It is what man does to degenerate the pup that "creates" a fighting dog. Prostitutes are not born or have a "gene" that make them into prostitutes. Pit bull dogs are "NOT" born killers, they are made by men, who have "NO" moral values. This is also done to many animals, in greater and lesser degrees. So next time someone says to you that look these animals are "natural born killers" take some time out and politely call them liars, because they may not know that they are made by the likes of someone like Michael Vick or a less famous rectum, who derives pleasure from degenerating one of the brightest most loving breeds on our planet. And remember Staffordshire s are too intelligent to go there on there own, too intelligent to want to be mean in the first place, and when you let them choose, they are one of the most loving, loyal breeds I have ever met. Please let the world know that you know, please tell everyone that will or will not listen, and don't stop till every bully trainer of fighting dogs has been incarcerated for extreme cruelty charges. 

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