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Fighting Childhood Obesity

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"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that 17 percent of children and adolescence are overweight. These statics are due in part to the lack of time kids spend playing outdoors.

The situation is even worse in Georgia.

The state ranks No. 3 in childhood obesity, behind only Mississippi and Arkansas, according to a report last year by the nonprofit Trust for America's Health. More than 37 percent of Georgians aged 10-17 are obese, according to the group.

Vitamin D is important for the body to absorb calcium, and also to control the rennin and protein associated with blood pressure levels.Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get enough vitamin D from foods alone. But when children spend modest amounts of time in the sunshine, it helps their bodies make the vitamin D they need to develop healthy bones, and reduce their future risks of conditions such as heart disease, and high blood pressure.

The physical benefits of outdoor play are obvious, but there are also a lot of social and emotional ways children develop when they play outside. Outdoor play also encourages children to take risks, stretch their imaginations, explore their interests, and discover what they enjoy doing. And when kids spend time outside with peers, it gives them the opportunity to build the kind of social skills they need to forge healthy friendships throughout life. It encourages logical thinking, and improves their ability to reason. (Charlotte Stewart, 2010)."

"Children develop musical skills and appreciation as they interact in the music center. While participating in music activities, children are also enhancing physical, language, social-emotional, and cognitive development. In today’s world of high-stakes tests, many are using music’s enhancement of cognitive development as a rationale for including music in the curriculum. However, as stated by Hetland and Winner (2001), “The arts are a fundamentally important part of culture, and an education without them is an impoverished education leading to an impoverished society. (Bullard, J.)"

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