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From being burnt alive to having their ears cut off, just for the sake of mankind's whims, stray dogs suffer a lot of abuse and violence. Numerous such cases have been reported where they have been left neglected, beaten up badly, thrown off buildings, etc.

A lot of people have ignored these issues, including the lawmakers. How are we to improve if there aren't any strict rules against such heinous crimes?

A lot of people prefer buying foreign breeds instead of adopting the indigenous ones, forgetting the fact that they deserve as much love as any other breed. We sincerely urge people to adopt a street dog instead of buying one from a pet shop. This is because of the illegal breeding techniques used by the owners. It is high time that we wake up and stop supporting such activities.  

Not many of us know that anybody booked for cruelty towards animals can get away with it by just paying a bail amount of Rs. 50. Such an easy bail gives people the liberty to treat animals in the worst ways possible.
Who shall raise their voice for these innocent lives?
Who is responsible for their sufferings?

Let us all unite and fight against this. We need your support to help those who can't speak or raise their voice against the torture.

We, the members of Rotaract Club of Symbiosis Viman Nagar Campus will soon gather to show some love to the street dogs in Pune. We request you to join us and feed the hungry animals. To know more contact Swarupa: 7219002853

Sign this petition to join the movement and mobilize the cause of stricter action against Animal Cruelty. Let our canine friends know that they deserve our love too! 

#NoMore50 #Adoptdontshop #RCSVC

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