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The War on Drugs has nurtured the very drug trade it purports to fight through the incredibly high profit margins and incentives which prohibition creates.

The War creates gang warfare and violent crime as cartels battle for turf.

The War has created a combat mentality among law enforcement towards ordinary citizens.

The War has normalized cruel and unusual punishment -- Arrest, Prosecution, and Incarceration -- for victimless offenses

The War is blatantly racist in targeting, persecuting, and warehousing young men of color

The War has destroyed millions of lives and continues to break apart families and turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into lifetime criminals

The War has bloated the corrections and testing industries at the expense of education, infrastructure, and investments for our future

The War has left millions of Americans to prison and probation, leaving the United States with the highest incarceration rate of any nation in history, higher even than oppressive states like the Soviet Union and China

After 50 years of destroying lives, drug cartels, arms dealers, and the industries of corrections and testing have profitted long enough. We can fight addiction and end the war on people.

It's time to

Letter to
The American People
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
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President of the United States
Please help us end the War on People, to stop federal and state-mandated support for violent drug gangs via the black market and its huge profit margins.

For forty years, our police have been militarized with millions of nonviolent users turned into criminals, to suffer the persecution of arrest, trial, and the cruel and unusual punishment of incarceration and probation. The burden of this cruel practice has bankrupted state budgets, destroyed lives and families, turning would-be law-abiding citizens against the system itself.

Forty years of a failed war is far too long. 2012 is the time for it to end.



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