Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) ALLOW HIJAB

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I'm Indira Kaljo, a Bosnian-born American who plays basketball with hijab (head covering). This sport has been a passion of mine since the age of 9, and I want to keep playing professionally. Unfortunately for me and many others, we’re not allowed to do so due to our faith. I wear a hijab, but the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) bans the usage of head covering during competition.

There are many talented players worldwide who have been unfairly denied the right to play in any FIBA competition, including Hijab, Turban and Yarmulke wearing individuals. In 2014, I and other campaigners started a petition demanding FIBA to end its ban on headcovering for religious reasons. We received 70,000 signatures from around the world and won! FIBA approved a two-year provisional period as a trial period.

Despite that victory, we’re facing another important decision very soon, so I need your help. In August 2016, FIBA will decide whether to allow hijab for all levels: National, International and Olympics! We need to show the powers at be that this decision to end the ban is the right thing to do. I’ve joined with players around the world (Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Indonesia, Qatar, and Sweden) who are also playing basketball with hijab. They share their story as to why they are asking FIBA to #allowhijab. See our movement here:

We’ve seen precedent for this before: FIFA had a two-year provisional period allowing for head covering in 2012 to assess the safety of wearing the head covering during play. The provisional period proved the safety risk low, so FIFA ended its ban altogether in March. FIBA should do the same. I worked my entire life to pursue my dream of playing professional basketball. FIBA says that I have to choose between my dream and my faith. That’s not right.

Please sign this petition, share it with everyone you know so we can get this rule changed forever! Also use hashtag #fibaALLOWhijab to spread the word about our campaign! Thank you for your support. It means the world to us!

Peace and love,


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