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Federal Petition (sign/share): The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act

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Requires refiling. Did not pass 2012 (Passed the Senate but the House failed to vote on it).

***UPDATE:** As of 1/25/13, the bill has been refiled in Congress. SO PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION. 

Please cosponsor H.R. 366, the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, sponsored by Reps. Tom Marino (R-PA), Jim McGovern (D-MA), John Campbell (R-CA), and Jim Moran (D-VA).

FBI will verify most dog and cock fighting rings distribute illegal weapons and narcotics to thugs and gang members. Law makers talk about wanting to control gun violence: Drug gangs and other violent criminals use dog and cock fighting rings to distribute ILLEGAL weapons and narcotics. Please refile The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act; it remains legal to attend dog fighting blood sports.

Such blood sports is epidemic in America and would be a powerful anti-gang intervention; children are also taken to participate in blood sports and raised to believe this is normal representing a new generation of violent criminals and snipers.

"In addition to their consequences for animals, animal fights are frequently conducted in conjunction with other illegal activities (e.g., drug trafficking, [weapons]) and can incite violence among spectators coincident with that in the ring." You think gangs and violent criminals listen to laws? They get plenty of firearm artillery from dog and cock fighting rings where they are distributed.

"The rise in gang violence since the 1980s caused lawmakers to seek a variety of methods to curb the formation and activities of these gangs. According to statistics from the National Youth Gang Center, more than 24,500 gangs, consisting of more than 770,000 members, exist in about 3,330 cities in the United States. Congress spends as much as $20 billion per year in health care costs treating victims of gunshot wounds, and many of the incidents involve street and other types of gang violence."

SPCA: "Dogfighters often face additional charges related to drug, alcohol and weapons violations as well as probation violations. Arguments over dog fights have also resulted in incidents that have led to charges of assault and even homicide. Other charges might include conspiracy, corruption of minors, money laundering, etc."

Thank you.

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