Hillsong Church is trying to proselytise their religion in Australian Schools. We say NO

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Hillsong Church released the following statement 

“Schools Tour 2020. Our Mission.

Schools tour is an initiative from Hillsong Youth, designed to help strengthen and develop the hearts and minds of students from all walks of life across Australia. Our heart is that this message would not be contained to the four walls of the church, but that it would light up the darkest places in our schools and ultimately the lives of young people”

This is proselytism and it should not be allowed in Australian Schools! Australia is a diverse society and we should be free to send our children to public schools in Australia without fear that our children will be brainwashed in to following a religion.

There are already schools in QLD that they have began to proselytise in!

Currently the Head of Hillsong, Brian Houston is under police investigation for concealing the child abuse of his father. This is not the type of leadership we want around our children.

We should not be allowing the teaching of this fundamentalist church near our young people. We have a right to freedom from religion!

We call on the Federal and State Education Ministers to ban this group from proselytising in our public schools!