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SPECIAL NOTE: Dennis Moyers, Passed away on May 11th, 2009.

His goal was to raise awareness of the need for a Medical Cannabis law, and in doing so, he began this on line site and call of action.

We surely will miss Dennis and all he did.

He was one of the first Medical Cannabis Patients in Washington state, he often appeared at a local community college to speak-, and was on "Hour fourm" cable television program many times about the issue.

We have chosen to re open this call of action. We do ask everyone to act now, and do keep this part of Dennis Moyers legacy alive and getting the attention that the cause deserves.

Click here to see Dennis' Memorial montauge

Dennis Moyers on Television talking about Medical cannabis

These are good shows to watch. go to and type in " Dennis Moyers" and you can see a list of shows produced with Mr.Moyers

To raise awareness of Medical Cannabis (marijuana) Laws in the 14 States where they exist.  To open lines of communication between law enforcement organizations (Police, Sheriff and other appropriate agencies), Medical Practitioners and Medical Cannabis Patient Groups, nationwide. To halt the effort to make examples of seriously ill people by some government officials who do not agree with voter approved legislation allowing some patients legal protection from prosecution for using a medicinal herb in certain specific situations.  Such liaison should be a valid Medical Cannabis Patient.  This liaison would be in effect, a communicator for, and a representative to the Medical Cannabis Patient Community nationwide, at large.  

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Dear President Obama,
We believe it is time to open lines of communication.  Seriously ill patients who legally qualify in 14 different States to use Medical Cannabis continue to be arrested and harassed by certain officials who disagree with these voter approved statutes.  It is time to stop harming these very ill people who are obeying State law.  It is time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on inappropriate raids and arrests and court proceedings.  It is time to stop the intimidation of doctors and patients.  It is time to bring understanding to those who do not understand the medically proven benefits of the correct useage of this medicinal herb.  We need a Federal Medical Cannabis Liaison/Representative.  !4 States have enacted Medical Cannabis Laws and more are sure to follow.

I am an original Medical Cannabis Patient in Washington State.  I have survived HIV/AIDS since 1983, and am the sole survivor of EVERYONE I used to know.  I have survived stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and a number of other serious ailments.  In every case, Medical Cannabis has helped me survive.  In some cases it has made the difference between survival and death. These experiences make me a prime candidate for antidepressants, yet do not need them; I judiciously use Medical Cannabis for mild to moderate depression, and it works well for me. 

As a public speaker and patient advocate, I have come to know many other Medical Cannabis Patients, some of whom have been abused by the law enforcement and legal system.  It is heartbreaking to see the damage done by some officials to seriously ill people who are obeying State statute and guidelines.  This is not a good way to govern, and is abusive of good people who are trying to help themselves.  The intimidation of doctors and potential and current Medical Cannabis Patients is harmful to their healing process.  This must stop.  I love my country and all its diverse peoples.  I want to be proud of my government and our officials, both appointed and elected.  This is why I/we support the establishment of a Medical Cannabis Liaison/Representative.
We are ready to occupy the places reserved for us at the table of democracy and let our voices be heard. 
Mr. President,
We, the Medical Cannabis Patients of the United States of America, need a Medical Cannabis Patient Representative/Liaison, who is a valid Medical Cannabis Patient, to represent us nationwide.  This Liaison/Representative should meet with law enforcement groups to more fully explain the law, and to describe and discuss the rights and responsibilities of patients, medical practitioners and law enforcement.  This Liaison/Representative should explain the numerous benefits patients experience through responsible use of this alternative medicine, and should describe the cost-savings to patients and taxpayers when Medical Cannabis replaces and/or reduces other pharmaceutical prescription medications.  This Liaison/Representative should listen to concerns, problems and suggestions and relay them to the appropriate Federal, State and/or medical agencies.  This Liaison/Representative should explain how the "Patient Network" works; patients helping patients.  This Liaison/Representative should explain how the network of patients reduces these patients' contributing to the illegal drug trade and reduces the illegal drug trade customer base.  This Liaison/Representative should explain the practical side of being a Medical Cannabis Patient in order to assist the various State legislatures in fine-tuning their laws to more accurately accomodate patients' needs and help prevent them from operating outside sometimes too-limiting State statutes; one size does not fit all.  

It is time to establish a Medical Cannabis Patient Liaison/Representative at the Federal level with a nationwide application.  We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America, appeal to your sense of justice and fairness to help those who are the most ill among us.


Dennis Moyers

11th Legislative District Democrats Precinct Committee Officer
& Representative to the King County Democratic Central Committee
Renton, Washington

Public Speaker & Patient Advocate
An original Medical Cannabis Patient/Washington State