Save our Regina "Queen city" airport tower for international flights!

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This means people in Regina and others in surrounding communities that flew out of Regina for a warmer destination in winter or anytime of the year will have no airport to fly out of or home to!!!   

Terrible...we are suppose to be the capital city of the province but it sure doesn't seem that way. This means added time and may even add days to take off time from work to fly out of here to have a holiday. Even to visit family or friends or for funerals, sick loved ones out of province.

Not only did they just open a childrens hospital in Saskatoon but if no one can fly from here then whats the point of it. A 2 hour drive is not a acceptable. Possibly longer for people who live south and east of Regina.

Also, if we don't have an air traffic control tower this also means that flights not only won't go out of here but they are not coming in either. So visitors won't be flying in will be to Saskatoon. This will also mean no jobs for people at the airport....eventually I would see it closing for passengers all together.  Only a cargo airport. I see a trend...first we lose our passenger trains then buses and now here goes our airport. Sad so sad.

If you want Regina to be our "Queen city" then maybe you should treat her right!! This is not the way to do it!!!