Domestic Violence - One law Nationwide across Australia

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Charlie Evans was originally charged with the murder of my beautiful friend, mother of four Alicia Maree Little.

Devastatingly, his charges were down graded and he pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

He had previously been charged in NSW with domestic and family violence with his former wife and children...When Charlie moved to Victoria after this.. he started a relationship with the beautiful Alicia.

Over their 4 year relationship Alicia suffered at the hands of this man and he ultimately ended her life.

Alicia was run down by Charlie Evans on the property they shared. He hit her so hard that she was essentially crushed. He took her phone after fatally hitting her and didn’t give any assistance nor call an ambulance. He left her lying there bleeding and suffering - horrifically Alicia died from her injuries that Charlie Evans inflicted on her.

Due to the fact he was driving a vehicle his charges were down graded from murder - to culpable driving and not rendering assistance.

Charlie Evans took Alicia Maree Little’s life ..and got just 4 years.

A beautiful, kind, loving mother, sister, daughter and friend - 4 years for killing her is all he got - how can it be that this is all Alicia’s life is worth. Charlie Evans will be eligible for release in less than a year from now.

The justice system needs to change. If  domestic violence legislation held that previous domestic and family violence convictions stayed with an abuser, regardless of what state they lived in - a far fairer sentence would of been applied to Charlie Evans for killing Alicia Maree Little.

Whilst nothing can bring Alicia back, we want to honour her memory and ensure no other family has to endure the hell that Alicia’s has when seeking justice.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to request a change to the State and Federal laws to ensure - If you have been charged in another state or territory within Australia, with domestic or family should be an Australian wide conviction. This will ensure, if a person has been charged in one state or territory and they move - their conviction follows them.

PLEASE SUPPORT US IN GETTING JUSTICE FOR ALICIA and enabling a safer and more vigilant approach regarding domestic and family violence abusers.

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE - we need at least 10,000 signatures of support. Thank you.