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I am sickened by the amount of money people use to get elected and also the money they get from corporations and wealthy people who want favors.  It has destroyed our system and corruption oozes from the Capitol.  We need to make these people know they are our representatives...our senators...they work for us...not Big Oil or Wall Street or the NRA and so on.  I say we limit the campaign time to three months..MAX...and also the amount of money anyone can use for election and re-election.  Free Air Time on TV and radio with no negative ads...only lists of what they will do for us if elected!  We can start this from the grassroots level and take them all on....millions of people demanding politics be cleaned up and elected officials work together and forget any lobbyists..not allowed!

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
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California Governor
We, the undersigned, demand that something good be done about our political system, beginning with Campaign Finance Reform. Entirely too much money is being spent to get yourselves elected that could be spent on worthwhile causes. We want all of you to keep yourselves clean and not be able to receive any more lobbyists' money. We want the campaign time to be shortened to three months and no negative ads allowed on tv, radio, or paper ads. You let us know what are your ideas, period! Our Federal and State government ooze with corruption and the citizens want you to know that you are our employees...and we are sick of what is being done now. Join us as we grow in size and you will know we will elect only like-minded people to our government...those that have a sense of decency and will work together and not cause such negativity and name-calling! Our problems are great....we deserve much, much better than you are giving us.

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