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FDA Corruption and Corporate Welfare

The government needs to stop helping giant corporations squash small business. The FDA forces small milk producers that give consumers the choice of not drinking rBST hormone, to root for their competition, Monsanto. Small producers are forced to state on their milk cartons that rBST is harmless! The FDA saying " significant difference" is weasel words. There is a difference. They just claim, ex cathedra, that it's not significant.

We all know where the campaign "contributions" and revolving-door jobs go. We don't  need the government shoving rBST down our throats by forcing small milk companies to be proxies for giant corporations, even if Monsanto money counts on Capitol Hill.

No other food producer is forced to say artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals are as good as the real thing, so it's obvious this is plain old corruption. It is my business what I drink or eat. It is the business of milk producers as to what they place on their cartons, so long as it is not fraudulent.

It's time for this to stop.

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