Fast and impartial justice for Bodhisattwa Das and installation of CCTV camera in Agartala

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Bodhisattwa Das (Bittu) is no more. Just few days back he was cracking jokes with me and few other friends. I still hope that this is a dream and when I wake up I can call Bittu and he will pick up my call on the other side. His entire family and friend circle are still in shock. We, as friends of Bodhisattwa, still cannot believe that he is no more with us.

Bodhisattwa is another victim of the sad condition of law and order in Tripura. He was attacked and severely injured in Agartala on the unfortunate night of 3rd August 2019. Since then he was bravely fighting with his fatal injuries. He has breathed his last on the morning of 16th August 2019 in Medica Hospital, Kolkata.

Since that attack, four suspects were arrested and there has been different speculations, foul plays and political framing among the local media. High profile business man and murder convicts are involved as four of them are already in police custody.

But above all, Bodhisattwa's murder raises a serious question on the security of common people in the city of Agartala itself, let alone the other parts of Tripura. Every other day, we hear news of heinous crimes in Tripura. We hear news of rape and murder attempt in the daylight in the city of Agartala itself. Theft and burglary has become a part of everyday life for common people. People in Tripura do not want to go for a vacation or even avoid important events which involve travelling, just thinking that their home will be left vacant and its a great risk.

Our humble request to the Hon'ble Governor of Tripura, Hon'ble Chief Justice of Tripura and Government of Tripura, for a fast, impartial and exemplary justice for Bodhisattwa Das. We also request for CCTV camera installations in all major cities of Tripura as soon as possible and more proactive BEAT Police patrolling which is already quite effective in several other states of India. With due respect, we are requesting the concerned authorities for appropriate steps which can set example and raise fear among all criminals and other anti social elements. We also request the local media houses, not to politicize this matter for whatsoever reasons.

Bodhisattwa was the only child of his widowed mother. We do not want similar incidents to happen in future in Tripura. We do not want another mother to loose her child in the hands of miscreants, in our, otherwise, small and beautiful state of Tripura. Please sign and let our voice be heard and considered seriously.

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