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Fargo-Moorhead: Tell Walmart to join the fight against food waste

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40% of food in the U.S. is wasted each year, while nearly 50 million Americans live in food insecure households. We have an abundance of food, yet a huge amount is not reaching those who need it. A large portion of that waste is comprised of perfectly good fruits and veggies that never make it to retail locations because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Though they may not look picture-perfect, these foods are perfectly safe and healthy to eat.

Ugly Food of the North was created to address the growing problem of food waste and its impact on the health of our community and planet. We were inspired by a national petition called #WhatTheFork Walmart. As midwesterners located in the heart of our nation’s most fertile farmland, we recognize and respect the love that goes into producing healthy, quality food - that’s why we’re asking Walmart to join the fight against food waste by offering imperfect produce to customers.

Consumers often think apples, bananas, strawberries, carrots, and so much other nutritious, delicious food has to look a certain way. But did you know there’s no nutritional difference between a totally round apple and one with a slight bump in it? In fact, some studies suggest it may be even more nutritious.

What we’re proposing is an idea that’s getting a lot of attention and support from consumers and companies nationwide because it’s also good for everyone’s bottom line - instead of throwing out “ugly” produce, why not find creative ways to sell it for discounted prices?

Along the supply chain, fruits and vegetables are wasted at much higher rates than all other foods. It is estimated that grocery stores lose $15 billion dollars each year in unsold fruits and vegetables - what most consider amongst the most nutritious foods and vital for a healthy lifestyle.

When we talk to consumers at farmers markets and our monthly community food events, we know there's tremendous demand for this "ugly" produce. We want Walmart, as well as other local retailers in our area, to help farmers, the environment, and cost-conscious consumers by offering every day low prices on “ugly” produce. Ugly is the new beautiful!

40% of the food in our country goes to waste every year, and we believe that as one of the largest retailers, Walmart can set an example for the industry by sticking up for farmers, consumers and food itself! Please sign our petition asking Walmart to start offering this discounted and perfectly healthy and delicious produce in our local Fargo-Moorhead stores.

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Ugly Food of the North 
Co-founded by Gia Rassier, Megan Myrdal and Jeff Knight

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