Take Away the Fee for Summer Consolidation NURS 3782

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Due to COVID-19 the Nursing Students from the University of Windsor and our satellite campuses missed out on over a month of school and around 90 hours of clinical. Without receiving a refund for the time that was missed it is not fair to charge us extra for a situation that was out of our control. When we already paid over $7000 in payments to this university. We then lost out on so much clinical and class time, an additional fee should be covered or at least subsidized by the fees that we paid for earlier in the semester that would have went towards our consolidation period. With already a severe hit to our ability to work many of us are already struggling financially, and any additional fees are not fair to the students of this program. We understand the work that has been done by the Faculty in coming up with a plan to help each student through this difficult time but as individuals we have each given so much time, effort, and money to the faculty of nursing that in this time of great difficulty for us as students we believe we should be supported financially, not burdened further.