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I am an artist whose photograph was censored and removed from Facebook  based on an anonymous person being offended by the image and reporting it to the anonymous "powers" that make arbitrary decisions about issues that are vital to work that I have been doing for the past 3 years. There is no consideration of any redress by the "accused" whose work has been banned, and the attempt by FB to  intimidate me from posting future artworks in this genre. 

The ongoing series of composite photographs titled Grace Delving into Art uncovers Grace interacting/reacting with well-known artworks in galleries and museums all over the world. I am naked climbing, riding, lying down beside or weaving myself into specific artworks from the history of art. The interactions with the artwork is usually humorous, sometimes poignant, and often deals with issues such as sexism, ageism, museum policy, the way we react to art, the nude, performance, and even what is art? By my presence the context and meaning of the original artworks are transformed. This series was conceived and predicated on my relationship with the Facebook community who comment  and discuss the images. An interview with Brainard Carey on Yale University radio will give further insight into my process:

I recently wrote a review on my blog about the relevance of FB to the artists' community which I now realize can quickly become irrelevant if artists are banned from posting and discussing their imagery without fear of constraints and threats of eviction from Facebook. (

 UPDDATE:  On August 22nd an anonymous "friend" reported another work from the series. FB gives you the option to delete the "offending" image  which I refused to do; instead I wait for their review. In  this photograph- my body was only evident from the back so FB came back and said it was fine as it met their "Community Standards on Nudity." The experience is demoralizing and ANONYMOUS reportage should be banned.


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