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Make Edgerank an option

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Did you know that Facebook uses an algorithm they call Edgerank that dictates just what posts you see in your newsfeed? You do not see every post from your friends or Pages you've liked even if you use the "Most Recent" setting instead of "Top Stories"; you only see the ones Facebook decides are important. They do that by using a complex algorithm that bases its decisions primarily on how often you engage with a friend and vice versa. It's highly probable that there are friends or Pages with whom you don't engage with by liking, commenting or sharing as often as you do with others and yet you may still find what they post interesting. The problem is that Facebook will take the fact that you don't engage as often with them as other friends to mean that you're not interested in what they have to say and start hiding their posts from your newsfeed.

If I accept a friend request or like a Page I'm doing so because I want to hear from them. It should be up to me to decide if there are some things I'm not interested in seeing and I can do that by hiding certain posts and types of posts in my newsfeed. I don't want Facebook making the decision of what I might find important for me.

Facebook says that Edgerank makes for a better user experience but I don't agree. How can missing out on posts from friends because Facebook decided they weren't important and hid them from our newsfeed make for a better experience? Twitter doesn't hide tweets from people I follow and yes, for those of us who follow lots of people the stream can get noisy, but do you want Twitter using an algorithm to decide which tweets you don't want to see? Google+ doesn't hide posts either, you see them all.

Edgerank should be optional. People who do feel their newsfeed is too noisy can turn it on if they want but I and most of the people I've spoken with about this want to see everything our friends post and if we get tired of seeing their cat photos or reading their political rants, we can always CHOOSE to hide their posts. Facebook should not make the decision for us.

Did you know that Facebook says you only see about 12% of your friends' posts and about 16% of posts from Pages you've liked? Did you also know that not only is Facebook charging brands to reach more of their fans but that they also now want you to pay $7 per post to make sure all of your friends see your post? Facebook says it's free and always will be but they're limiting how many of your posts your friends will see and want you to pay to make sure more of your friends will see them.

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