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Using a computer, email, IP address to harass individuals on Facebook with hearsay or fictitious stories and using law enforcement to perpetuate those actions is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.  Gathering a mob of like minded individuals to assist in vindictive and self serving actions is equally criminal and carries a much higher charge.

Creating an unsafe environment for complete strangers on Facebook.

Facebook has been asked hundreds of times by many different people to remove posts which has personal information on it, including names, addresses and phone numbers and inviting people to "bombard law enforcement" without physical evidence of any crime committed.

Emotional, and physical health damages are being inflicted upon individuals which the leader of the "witch hunt"  knowingly admits and feels no remorse.

A recent case includes personal threats as well as passive aggressive tactics being used by these individuals and well over 50 people to terrorize a family, which includes a 9 year old boy who is now undergoing psychiatrict treatment because of the amount of physical law enforcement officials being sent to his home and threats that he will be removed from his home by CPS, further, that Facebook is aware of these actions (Report a Violation of the Facebook TermsCase #225855504) and has done nothing to stop the continued harassment of a family that this person doesn't even know.  This active Facebook account holder is now in violation of a notarized cease and desist order received on January 19th, 2015. 

All evidence has been compiled and is being given to the District Attorney, including Facebook's blatant refusal to remove this post and shut down the individual accounts associated with the harassment.

Facebook has violated its own policy and procedures on Community Standards for failure to protect innocent people of cyber harassment.

This campaign is to substantially affect change so that this does not continue to happen, that Facebook takes reports seriously, that computer generated responses (which show a lack of their attention to the needs of their community) are replaced by real staff with real interest and real attention to detail, and that Facebook assumes responsibilty if their lack of resolving issues of this nature result in physical, emotional, financial or health related damages to an individual.

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