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facebook: Ban misogynistic pages, even those labeled "controversial humor."

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Facebook has an obligation to remove pages that encourage the hatred of women and girls, even "[Controversial Humor]" ones.  Misogyny is not humorous.

Facebook is not 4chan, a website euphemistically known as "the asshole of the internet." Facebook is supposed to be a social network friendly for people ages 13 and above. It is not at all friendly to females of ANY age to have pages like "[Controversial Humor] R.A.P.E. is just sex that you didn't know that (sic) you wanted," "[Controversial Humor] Throwing Bricks at Sluts," or "[Controversial Humor] 12 Year Old Sluts." Pages such as these contribute to rape culture and normalize violence against women and girls. There is nothing humorous about rape, torture, or abuse.

It would behoove Facebook to, at the very least, acknowledge that misogyny exists by adding it to its list of "reasons for reporting" a page. Right now, no such labeling exists. Although any thinking person would recognize that misogyny clearly falls under "hate speech," Facebook does not seem to recognize it as such. Any time one of these pages, which are full of hate speech against women and girls, gets reported, nothing happens on Facebook's end. The pages are allowed to remain. Facebook needs to recognize that misogyny is alive and well on its website and that it is very, very destructive to girls and women. Allowing these types of pages on their website is akin to endorsing the wholesale violation of all females everywhere. Hiding behind the "[Controversial Humor]" label does not make the heinousness or danger of these misogynistic pages go away. It just legitimizes them in the Facebook environment.

Facebook is a powerful and influential entity in the world. Allowing these abuses of women and girls on Facebook desensitizes all of the millions of Facebook users to violence against women and girls, thereby perpetuating it. Facebook must put a stop to this or they will be responsible for helping to create the next generation of rapists.

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