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EXTREMELY URGENT: Stop Fukushima Prefecture from Killing Animal Survivors

SUCCESS: The Japanese government has revised the order, the massacre has been called off!

In an attempt to decontaminate towns following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of last year, the Japanese government has announced an order to kill all surviving animals in the No-entry Zones. The operation involves tying their paws and feet together with ropes, injecting them with chemicals (believed to be detergent) and leaving them to suffer an agonizing death. Once the killing is complete, the government intends to block the zones, thereby also preventing animal rescue groups from stepping in.

A previous campaign to stop Tomioka town from killing animals was successful. Preparations are being made in Okuma town, Futaba and Namie are to follow. Please stop them from going through with this massacre!

Letter to
Okuma Town Office
Futaba Town Office
Fukushima Prefecture
I was horrified to learn of the plans to dispose of surviving animals in the Fukushima Prefecture by injecting them with chemicals and subjecting them to a brutal death as part of the decontamination work. These animals have already endured severe lack of food and freezing winter weather after being abandoned and left to die. It is shameful that the government did not rescue these animals from the beginning of the disaster, but this barbaric treatment of the animal victims and survivors is inexcusable. It is your obligation to ensure that the animals have been given a fair chance to be rescued instead of sealing off the town.

I ask that the town officials immediately put a stop to these plans for a massacre and instead supply relief goods in form of food and medical care, and expand the relief work by allowing animal rescue groups and volunteers to enter the exclusion zone in order to rescue as many animals as possible.


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