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Petitioning Mohammed, Travel Approver Egypt Consulate New York and 5 others

Extradite Killer Back to US for Murder Victim! Take A Stand, Justice For Ant!

This is important because a loved one was snatched way to soon to senseless gun violence!  It hurts my heart as a friend to Anthony's aunt, Shareem Taylor, and seeing the pain she goes through daily.  But it also hurts, being a friend to his father, Anthony Sr a veteran of this country who served in Desert Storm and continues to serve this country as an active law enforcement professional, to deal with the fact that her nephew, his son, a father, a brother, grandson, great friend and loving person, Anthony Lamont Holmes, Jr was murdered for no good reason.  The prosecutor calls it being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is unfortunate.  Regardless of what anyone says, it was a senseless murder at the hands of individual who was a problem as a juvenile.  Anthony did not know his killer nor were they affiliated in any manner.  The Union County Prosecutor worked diligently and swiftly to identify the murderer only for Eslam Gad to use his Egyptian citizenship as an excuse to return back to Egypt, using an expired passport & travel authorization from the Egypt Consulate of New York, to flee the charge of murder brought against him.  We need the State Department, Governor, President, Egypt Consulate of New York and any other branch of government to rally behind the Union County Prosecutor of NJ to ensure they have the power and support needed to return killer Eslam (Islam) Gad back to the US from Egypt to face the crime of murder he committed on our country, our home, the land for JUSTICE!  Anthony did not deserve to be gunned down in the street like an animal and anyone who commits murder must answer to the charges brought against them.  Show us that the JUSTICE system believes in making people accountable for crimes they commit and do what it takes to bring the killer back.  After all that we have been through as a country and as many of our US citizens that are being held in foreign countries for crimes they did not commit and those that did commit crimes, let's make sure we get the same respect.  Let's make sure the Egyptian government believes that those who commit crimes must be punished in the country the crime was committed and return Eslam (Islam) Gad over to the authorities.  He should not be free in any country because he has no regard for human life and is free to kill again.  Make sure no other family has to endure this never ending pain of losing a loved on to senseless violence!


Letter to
Mohammed, Travel Approver Egypt Consulate New York
Senator Robert Menendez
Representative Jon Runyan
and 3 others
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
No one should ever have to endure the pain of losing a loved one to senseless violence. Father, son, brother, nephew, grandson & loved friend to many, Anthony Lamont Holmes, Jr was murdered and we demand assistance from the government and Egypt Consulate of New York with extraditing the identified and charged killer, 23 year old Eslam (Islam) Gad, back to the US from Egypt.

The Egyptian Consulate of New York authorized Eslam (Islam) Gad to abruptly flee the United States with and expired passport by issuing a simple travel authorization letter. Mr. Gad committed the most heinous crime of murder shooting my Anthony in the head multiple times on August 8, 2012 in Elizabeth, NJ. After fighting for his life for 9 hours in intensive care, Anthony Lamont Holmes, Jr died from his injuries. He was a father of a 5-month-old son, loved, and enjoyed life. He was a harmless individual who lived to be a great individual and was proud to be a new father. Union County Prosecutor worked the case expeditiously and identified and charged 23 year old, Eslam (Islam) Gad, Elizabeth, NJ resident since a youth, Egyptian born citizen, with the murder of Anthony L. Holmes, Jr. On August 16, the identified/charged killer, Eslam (Islam) Gad, fled back to his native country, after being tipped off and was allowed to return to his country using an expired passport. They missed him by minutes and since then have been working hard to have him extradited to face the murder and weapons charges brought against him. They are so confident they even put a $3.5 million dollar bail in place.

After all that we have been through as a country after 911 and being survivors, how can any foreign embassy have the authority to override Homeland Security laws? Why is a letter signed by someone in the Egypt Consulate of New York's office enough to travel with when their passport is expired? Why do we not have a waiting period in place that must be adhered to including foreign embassy's that must pass to ensure the foreign nationals with expired documents are not running from a crime? How can they travel with expired documents that easy when us, as US citizens would not be allowed to board a plane to the next state if our credentials were expired? What is the State Department & US Government going to do to ensure this does not happen again?

If our Homeland Security laws apply to US citizens it definitely should apply to foreign nationals visiting our country. What Eslam (Islam) Gad did to my nephew in our country was an act of terrorism. If we are not safe anyplace else in this world we should feel safe in our country, the United States, Land of The Free, Home of The Brave. We must protect our land and EVERYONE must follow our Homeland Security laws. No one should be immune from punishment or penalty for disregarding our laws.

Please help this family and the Union County Prosecutor of NJ get Justice for Anthony L. Holmes, Jr. We must protect our land, our waters and people and prevent ANYONE from fleeing especially when they are charged with a crime. In this case it is MURDER!
We need assistance from all local and state government officials in NJ and need assistance from our US government officials including the President.

Justice 4 Ant