Public Apology from attackers parents to Maddy and Expel them!

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As per go fund me page link above you will see on the 4th February 2020, Maddy, a 13 year old girl whom had just started high school was brutally bashed in a public restaurant, whilst being filmed, by two older females (14 and 15 years of age)

Whilst unconscious, her front teeth were kicked out of her mouth by one of the savage attackers. 

The Avenues School that the attackers and victim go to has suspended the attackers, however this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! 
What do we have a justice system for? 
We can’t take the matter into our own hands, as much as many would like, because then we would be committing the same crime that these vicious girls did.

I am petitioning for these girls to be Expelled from this school and that both girls parents come forward and publicly apologise on behalf of their disgraced children for the pain and suffering caused to their innocent victim Maddy. 

I also agree that the attackers should have to fund all related medical/ physical/ emotional expenses that will occur from their beating of Maddy. 

On behalf of the North Eastern Community, we demand: