To get a dog in every house.

To get a dog in every house.

4 November 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tanya Jain

Dogs are a great source of love and friendship. Children and adults alike can feel like they have a great friend in a dog. The elderly also find their company very helpful especially to their social well-being by preventing depression and loneliness.

Dogs can also help you make new friends. For children, dogs can give a child something to share about. For adults, a dog can bring you together with other people, especially when you go for walks. Your pet gives you more opportunities to meet all sorts of people, including dog lovers.

2. Dogs can teach you important values
This benefit of having a dog around the house can teach both children and adults important values such as responsibility, loyalty, and empathy. As a dog owner, you have to care for them by feeding, bathing, playing and walking them.

Dogs also give people opportunities to learn to care and to love. Children who have dogs can also learn and gain for themselves the quality of being loyal and nurturing.


3. Dogs are great stress busters
When you get home from a long day at work, the first thing to greet you will probably be your dog. Their excitement can boost your mood and reduce stress and anxiety from work. They are great at making you feel loved and welcomed.

Playing with your dog, even if for just a few minutes, can boost your mood right away. If you’re too tired to play, you can just relax with them. Even if you’re just brushing their head as they lay it on your lap, can help you relax.


4. Pet can help you stay healthy
Having a dog will require you to go outdoors. Even if it’s just for a while, you can still get some fresh air and Vitamin D. Going outdoors will also stimulate your mind and your dog’s, making you less prone to negative behaviors such as depression.

Walking your dog is in itself, a great form of exercise. Also, dogs somehow help you make healthy choices. Choosing the best dog food for their health makes you think about your own diet as well.

Children can also get health benefits from having a dog. Playing with the dog outdoors gives them the opportunity to play and breathe fresh air. Studies also say that early exposure among children to dogs or other pets can lower their risk of allergies and asthma.

5. Dogs Strengthen Family Bonds
Dogs are not just pets; they are family. They can strengthen family bonds because a lot of activities focused on the dog are activities that families can do together. Everyone in the household shares the responsibility, the fun, and the love.


6. Dogs keep the bad guys away
Even when they are raised to be friendly, dogs can sense danger and can be vicious to bad guys. A single bark can also keep a burglar away. If it doesn’t, the bark can still work as a warning.

7. Dogs provide comfort
For children who go through not-so-good times, a dog can give comfort. In a study, children were asked what they did when they felt sad, angry, afraid, or anxious. A lot of them turned to their pets.

Often, a dog can sense when you’re feeling down. Dogs offer you cuddles and kisses to boost your mood and give you the love you need.

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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