SOS - Save Overseas Studies

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International students have long been a cultural, academic, and financial contributor to institutions, and with over 1,000,000 international students studying in the US annually, the need to continue to grant and extend international student visas is critical for our universities and overall economy. According to US News & World Report, as well as NAFSA, international students enrolled at US colleges and universities contribute nearly $41B to the US economy and support more than 450,000 US jobs.

With US student visa offices shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic, many international students and school administrators are unsure how to plan the Fall 2020 semester and how students will secure necessary visas to arrive in the Fall. While understanding that all decisions need to be based on a comprehensive assessment of global health and other conditions, the longer regulators wait to address visa requirements, the more students risk missing out on their ability to restart their 2020 school year in the US. It's time to prepare for all scenarios and give students and institutions what they need to continue their international education in this new reality.

Our students and institutions need our help - act now to make sure students receive the education they deserve, and help keep schools running.

Join Flywire, a vertical payments company serving over 2,000 institutions globally with 1.6 million international students, as we ask our US State Department for the following actions:

  • Provide a clear statement recognizing the importance of international students to US institutions and the broader economy
  • Commit to finding solutions such that international students can get the visas they need for this Fall in a clear and timely fashion (subject to ensuring the plans are consistent with the health and safety of all stakeholders)
  • Make clear and regular communications on the plans and timing of making visas available to new students, as well as modifications in support of previously issued student visas
  • Place high priority on issuance of student visas and conducting consular student interviews (or waiving such interviews this year) so as to allow students and institutions sufficient time to plan for the Fall 2020 semester

All parties understand the approach must take into account the health and safety interests of all stakeholders, but ask that all energies be applied to addressing the current visa uncertainty. 

Sign the SOS petition to Save Overseas Studies and commit your support for international students to continue to travel and study in the US! 

Based on knowledge gathered from institutions, industry affiliations and both domestic and international student communities, Flywire has produced a “Planning for Confidence in the COVID-19 Era” report to provide insight on key policies, best practices and flexible solutions that will help education stakeholders navigate the uncertainties and obstacles posed by this pandemic.