AYODHYA DISPUTE: Tactical versus Emotional approach

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The Ayodhya dispute needs a healing touch. This cannot happen with a court verdict. 

Time is running out but it is not too late yet.

It will be too late once the court judgement comes out. It will be too late when one side wins and one side loses. And when the winning side celebrates over the pain and loss of the losing community in a spirit of one upmanship.

 And let us keep in mind that every single Indian will be affected by the outcome of the Ayodhya dispute, for many generations to come.

 Politicians are not going to lose this opportunity to capitalize their political gains from the outcome of the Ayodhya decision. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking its going to be any other way.

The Ayodhya dispute is a deep festering wound between the two communities. For decades now vested interests have taken full advantage of this for political and other gains and they have not allowed any peaceful resolution to take place. We see this happening again now!

On the one hand there are people in both communities who don’t want this issue to resolve for this reason. On the other hand there are some who are feeling the urgent need to resolve this in a manner that will heal this wound between the two communities for all times to come.

It was extremely heartening that Maulana Salman Nadwi responded so magnanimously to Sri Sri Ravishankar ji’s proposal to resolve the Ayodhya issue in a way that will bring the two communities closer together.

For decades Ayodhya issue has been tool in the hands of trouble makers. Let us come together and support this beautiful “coming together" of the good forces on both sides. Let us bond and strengthen each other so that even the trouble makers are rendered ineffective.

Would you not like to see the good leaders on both sides come together?

The Ayodhya dispute has been a huge challenge for the peace and harmony of our country. It is now time to turn this long standing challenge into an opportunity.

Time is short. Once the court gives its final verdict we will lose this opportunity. Too many lives have been lost because of this dispute. WE CAN NO LONGER ALLOW THIS TO CARRY ON.

 We must not lose this opportunity.

We can either remain stuck in the hurt, pain and humiliation of the past and lose this opportunity.....or take an intelligent TACTICAL DECISION

Yes, this is a battle against the wrong forces in our country. On the chess board we have to make moves tactically and not emotionally. A wrong move right now could be tragic for a long time to come……

This is an appeal to every Indian to  support the coming together of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and Maulana Salman Nadwi for a harmonious out of court resolution of the Ayodhya dispute so that the two communities can bond and strengthen each other in the true sense.