Every animal enclosure in every American zoo should provide adequate shelter from storms

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As I sat and watched the videos posted from the Cheyenne Mountian Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado yesterday I just simply couldn’t believe that there are still zoos in this country that haven’t anticipated such situations. While all the people ran and took cover the animals ran in circles with no overhead cover getting pelted with hail, some as large as baseballs,on their heads and spines, some were knocked unconscious and others killed.  Seeing the damage to the cars in the parking lot and trying to imagine those animals helplessly enduring so much pain due to the blatant disregard and stupidity of those in charge at that zoo,  I couldn’t be more upset. I’m sure this zoo in particular has learned their lesson and will face a tremendous amount of public backlash for this incident but I can’t think of a better opportunity than now to make sure not just this zoo, but ALL Zoos across America learn from this tragic event. Every single animal being held in captivity by us humans deserves proper shelter from any and all types of weather at all times. 

Here is a link to some footage of the hail storm from their live camera. The giraffe in the background is apparently a statue and not a real giraffe luckily.  https://youtu.be/cCH6UxBqO1s

Here is the link to the video circulating on the news of the grizzly bears being pelted with hail, dazed and confused with no overhead cover to protect them. 



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