Stop vaccine mandates

Stop vaccine mandates

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Started by Gizz Modu

Several member states of the European Union are preparing to force their citizens to take a covid-19 vaccine.

Every pharmaceutical product has side-effects and the covid-19-vaccines have been known to produce death or lifelong and life-altering injuries (see for example for statistics on some of the covid-19 vaccines used in Europe).

Regardless how rare, a side-effects (including death) is a real and actual risk with every injection.

It is therefore highly unethical - and in many countries illegal - for the government to force this medical procedure on it's citizens against their will, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to stop the executive branch of said governments from proceeding. This is not in line with the democratic principles that built the European Union. This is true whether individuals are forced to take a vaccine by violence or by any other means,  including but not limited to removing ones livelihood by restrictions on employment, free movement or tre access or use of one's own assets.

A basic human right is the right to one's own body and the integrity thereof. It is not in line with the European Union's principles for protecting minorities to proceed with an abuse such as forced vaccination only because a majority may be in favor, this is nothing less than mob rule.

Every individual with executive or legislative power or influence within the European Union or any of it's member states that is found to have used that power or influence to facilitate this overreach of power and this breach of human rights must stand trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

To prevent the past century's history from repeating itself, no individual within any government can be allowed to hide behind their administration, party, position or job.

There must be personal accountability, and every mandated medical procedure (ie vaccine injection) that leads to serious injury or death must be considered the responsibility of the minister or government official who signed off on the decision to mandate said medical procedure. Every death must be considered a murder in the coming trials.

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!