Petition to remove the concept of Article 13.

Petition to remove the concept of Article 13.

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As you know, there's a law that's gonna implemented by the European union Government and it's Article 13.

This article can do stuff to the internet but is not limited to:

  • Remove gameplay videos
  • Remove meme videos
  • Remove remix music/song videos
  • Remove videos that use clips from other videos
  • Make YouTube bankrupt (Around 30-70 Europeans use YouTube) and most YouTubers live in Europe
  • Remove memes
  • Remove Social medias (Facebook, Twitter, reddit, etc)
  • More examples... 

Article 13 while can't work in other continents, it can work in Europe and destroy the internet there.

Robots don't detect any types of humor nor any human feelings like us.

A quote can sum up the idea of robots taking the authority of the internet:

Computers are accurate and fast but stupid and heartless, humans are inaccurate and slow but smart and heartful ~ Albert Einstein

Remember to share fast before the clock ticks it's last and second, sharing can help, if you're a large YouTuber please share, it'll help alot and even if you shared it to one guy, it still helps.

Thanks for reading :)