No more Hate speeches and Calls for violence! - Ban Kennedy Agyapong Now!

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Africa's development has been subdued and enslaved by extreme corruption. Now, African youth are taking action to fight for their freedom, but the struggle has been bloody, as they face the powerful Elites who stash the future of the youth in cash in foreign banks and live extravagant lifestyles, leaving the youth with no hope and no future. If these power drunkards succeed in putting the shackles on the mouths of such brave heroic youth fighting for their freedom, as they succeed in threatening them with painful deaths; if these thugs succeed in killing the few who have stood up against corruption, Africa is doomed; and Europe will continue to see the waves carrying dead bodies of the youth at their shores, as they strive to run away from extreme hunger, humiliation and destitution in their make-shift boats and balloons. That is all they have. Please join the fight against the powerful corrupt leaders. Deterrence is the answer! Sanction Kennedy Agyapong Now!


Divela Ahmed Hussein-Suale was killed in the line of duty to his nation Ghana and the rest of Africa. As an investigative journalist working in collaboration with Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Ahmed-Suale helped to uncover many corrupt practices by Politicians and people in high positions. While in the few government hospitals in Ghana, as in some cases, pregnant women delivered on bare floors and some died unable to pay bribes to be seen by doctors, in a country where a child died because her parents could not afford the price of oxygen and bribe money, in a country where a pregnant woman died because a nurse would not allow her to see a doctor if she had not paid a bribe, Ghana’s politicians amass worth through corrupt practices, heavily inflated government contracts, stealing from projects for social interventions that keep the masses in a circle of pain and extreme poverty, as the politicians flaunt their worth, driving in Rolls Royces and expensive cars on the streets, at the expense of the very poor.

For his dedicated and selfless desire to uncover corruption that has bedeviled the state's development, politicians and people in high positions planned to assassinate or get Mr. Ahmed-Suale lynched. Prominent among them is the member of the ruling party, Kennedy Agyapong, who incited the public to violently attack the journalist, while showing Ahmed-Suale's pictures on his own television station, with an offer to pay anyone who succeeds in causing the journalist an injury from the attack. Ahmed was assassinated on January 16, 2019.

This petition is to appeal to all civilized nations of the world who understand the work of journalists to take action. The petition calls on the European Union, United States, Canada, Great Britain, China, India, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mexico, Brazil and Turkey to ban the politician, Kennedy Agyapong, from entry into their respective states, to serve as a deterrent to politicians and those in high positions using their influence to incite violence against journalists. Kennedy Agyapong used his position of power as a member of the Ghanaian parliament, a man who claims to be "filthy rich," to incite violence against the journalist, Ahmed-Suale, who was killed from gun-shots wounds on his way to take his son to the hospital, on January 16, 2019. 

Suale dedicated his life and partnered with Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye Private Investigators (Tiger Eye PI) to fight corruption, such as the massive corruption in the Ghana judiciary in 2015 that led to the indictment of twelve High Court Judges in Ghana. Anas and Suale, the Tiger Eye PI Team, also dedicated their lives in the fight against inhumane practices such as the:

But it was the last documentary on the massive corruption in the Ghana soccer management, which was done in collaboration with the BBC, that incensed those who benefitted from the criminal activity of corruption to come after Mr. Ahmed Suale's life, killing him on January 16, 2019.


On May 29, 2018, the self-acclaimed “filthy rich” politician, Kennedy Agyapong, a member of parliament from the ruling party, New Patriotic Party, in a rage of anger on a national Television, Adom TV, encouraged public violence against the team and leader of Tiger Eye PI, Anas and his “men,” as he dragged his finger across his throat to demonstrate killing the journalists, while making a choking sound.

The next day, on May 30, 2018, Kennedy Agyapong vowed and made it a personal call to violently attack Suale, if he had the chance on his own Net 2 TV station, calling on the public to attack the journalist to beat him wherever they see him for a reward, Showing Suale’s picture on his own Television station and telling the public where the journalist lived, Kennedy Agyapong, further stated that he would pay for any cost that comes from any attack on Suale. By this statement on the national Television, Kennedy Agyapong put a bounty on the head of Ahmed Suale for anyone who could attack the journalist, as he was actually speaking on national television and knowing very well that his statement and position as a member of Parliament would encourage others to violently attack the journalist, Ahmed Suale, as he had indeed advised.


Ahmed Hussein-Suale lived in fear until he was assassinated on January 16, 2018 on the street, meters away from his family home, after Kennedy Agyepong, a member of the Ghanaian Parliament, incited the public to beat him "wherever" they see the journalist for revealing deep corruption in the Ghana Soccer and helping to reveal deep corrupt practices in the Ghana judiciary. In September 2018, Ahmed Suale sent a message to Internationally acclaimed Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and lamented:

"Since my image was published and [the] public was incited against me [...] many people have attempted [to attack me]," he told CPJ via WhatsApp. "These criminals after us are people who are [...] associated with powers that be in Ghana and can do anything and get away with it. Indeed, it [has] been hinted in some quarters that the very man who published [my image] said he was doing everything possible to quell [my] existence."


Ahmed Suale was shot three times on his way to take his child to the hospital on January 16, 2019. The a father of eight (8) children: four children of his own and four other adopted children. He died at the spot where gun-men trailed him on his way to pick his son to the hospital and shot him three times. Ahmed-Suale succumbed to his injuries. Ahmed's fear that people were trying to kill him after his picture was shown on television and that Kennedy Agyapong had vowed to kill him was realized. 


In 2012, Kennedy Agyapong called all Ashantis to slaughter all ethnic Ewes and Ethnic Gas among them in the Ashanti region of Ghana. This severely damaged the peaceful co-existence between the Ethnic groups that Ghana had enjoyed over the years. Knowing that it was an election time and naturally, tensions were already high, such pronouncements had all the recipes that would have plunged the state into bloody conflict. But Kennedy Agyapong walked a free man after a brief invitation by the police. Kennedy Agyapong has continued the path of causing such division and attacks on people, journalists and others with his hate speeches and calls to the public to violence. With his incitement of violence against Mr. Ahmed-suale and the eventual fatal attack on the journalist, the world must intervene. Sanctions must be applied.


New Patriotic Party (The ruling party)

Because Kennedy Agyepong is,  the self-acclaimed financier of the ruling party, the party hierarchy has been unwilling and hesitant in calling Mr. Kennedy Agyepong to order. The National Executive Committee of the ruling party, New Patriotic Party, led by Nana Akuffo-Addo, which had previously sanctioned other party leaders for bringing the party’s name into disrepute, when they thought the said conducts dwindled the party's electoral fortunes, has been unwilling or  hijacked by Kennedy Agyapong who has constantly threatened the party to "spill the bean" if he was ever sanctioned. But his conduct of threatening the safety of individuals and journalists still continues unabated.

National Democratic Congress (The main opposition party)

The main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), whose members are found to have engaged in many corrupt practices when they were in government from 2009 to 2017, such as stealing from public funds, inflation of many government's contracts for personal gains, stealing from funds meant for social intervention programs and engaged in many other corrupt practices, has, on one hand, backed Kennedy Agyapong and released a Press Statement, stating that no one should “scapegoat” their opposition party’s member, Kennedy Agyapong. This alone is interesting when one considers that in 2012 when Kennedy Agyapong made genocidal statement that Ashantis should kill all Ewes and Gas among them, the NDC cried for the head of Kennedy Agyapong and caused his brief arrest by the Bureau of National Investigations, insisting that it was  treasonable comment. On the other hand, and at the same time, the minority members of the Ghana Parliament who are made of the NDC have called for the immediate arrest of Kennedy Agyapong. While the NDC has called on the nation and the security agencies to divert their attention from Kennedy Agyapong this time around, the party's members of parliament have called for his immediate arrest. This contradiction is common among the corrupt political elites in the country and used as a propagandist strategy to appeal to all voters on each side of the aisle, without any willingness to fight corruption. The NDC's contradictory call for Kennedy's arrest, while at the same time, cautioning against his arrest, is nothing but a political ploy and an attempt to use the journalist's demise to deceive the populace for political gains, while protecting Kennedy Agyapong, the mastermind of the incitement that led to Mr. Suale's death.


The National Media Commission also finds nothing wrong with the use of public space to threaten the lives of the country's citizens. NMC chairman has come out in strong defense of Kennedy Agyapong's  conduct when he displayed Ahmed-Suale's picture on his national television station. In defence of the member of Parliament, the NMC intentionally disregards the purpose for which Ahmed-Suale's picture was displayed, which was that the general public should take a look at the picture to aid anyone who could harm the journalist for a reward.

The Ghana Police has also failed to invite Kennedy Agyapong for inciting violence against the journalist for questioning. In 2012 when Kennedy Agyapong had called on the Ashantis to slaughter all Ethnic Ewes and Ethnic Gas among them, the Ghana Police arrested Kennedy Agyapong to the admiration of most of our peace-llving people of Ghana. But soon after, Kennedy was left him to walk a free man. Just as Kennedy Agyapong has, on several occasions, claimed that he is not afraid of anyone or institution in Ghana,it appears for reasons known to our institutions and leaders, Kennedy Agyapong has risen above law and order. Indeed, he threatens all the country's institutions and heads of departments with his "self-acclaimed riches" and his mantra of not afraid of anyone in the country. After Mr. Ahmed-Suale's death, Kennedy Agyapong has threatened to further unleash propaganda videos to incite hate against Suale's partner, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and threatened to attack Anas wherever he sees the journalist. Yet, no one or institution seems willing or able to call Kennedy Agyapong to order, not even the Ghana police or the security services. He continues to incite violence against Anas Aremeyaw Anas and has said Anas deserves to die.


All lovers of press-freedom and peace-loving Citizens of our free world, please do sign this petition to call on World leaders and governments, to sanction Kennedy Agyapong. This will serve as a deterrent to people in high positions in our conflict-laden continent, Africa. It will serve a lesson to those who use their power, influence and ill-gotten wealth to perpetuate violence with the intent to reduce our journalists to silence, in order for them to continue enjoying their field-day of corrupt practices, further plunging the future of the youth into a bottomless abyss. 

Please, join us to sign this petition now. Let us speak for Press Freedom and against corruption that endangers the lives of the most vulnerable in society. Let us support our rising brave men and women risking their lives to fight corruption as they face the political leviathans of corruption and pain. Let the world send a clear message to those whose only interest is to amass worth at the expense of the poor, the neglected and the vulnerable; and would do anything to maim, threaten or kill those who stand up against corrupt and barbaric practices.