Ban acces to all EU funding programs to businesses operating in polish LGBT-free zones

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Several Polish municipal councils, mostly in rural Poland have voted decrees declaring themselves 'LGBT-free zones'.  Such declaration is contrary to the declaration of human rights and contrary to the European union's core values on human rights.

The Polish Law and Justice government supports LGBT-free zones and sees 'lgbt ideology' as dangerous foreign ideas that undermine traditional values in Poland.

The European commission and parliament are likely challenging the legality of this moves, but progress is likely to be slow.

This petition proposes to adopt EU legislation discouraging municipalities to adopt lgbt-free legislation through economic penalties. By eliminating access to all EU funding support and subsidy programs EU businesses, their subsidies and JV's will receive a strong financial incentive not to engage in business activities in municipalities to that have declared themselves to be lgbt-free zones.

EU Businesses already operating in a municipality that adopts an lgbt-free policy  may benefit from a transition period but ultimately have to choose to relocate, divest or forfeit access to EU funding programs. 

As part of the application requirement for EU funding programs businesses will be required to declare that that they adhere to EU human rights principles and none of their business entities or affiliates operate in EU municipalities that anti-lgbt policies.