Ban shark fishing in the EU #bansharkmeat

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Shark's are fundamental apex predators in our ocean ecosystem. Over 100 million are killed each year, threatening our already fragile and overfished seas. As top predators, sharks help to manage healthy ocean ecosystems. And as the number of large sharks declines, the oceans will suffer unpredictable and devastating consequences. EU countries play a major role in the international trade of shark meat. In 2005, they were responsible for 56% of worldwide shark meat imports and 32% of worldwide exports. In 2006, the EU imported more than 40,000 tons of shark meat. And these figures simply keep increasing. Most EU consumers are not aware they are being fed shark meat instead of fish meat. We are calling this petition to European Agriculture ministers to ban the fishing and sale of sharks in EU EEZs as well as complete transparency with the consumer as to what type of fish they are being sold. A shark is a sign of a healthy ocean.Let there be some left for our future generations. 

Here an interview with a local fisherman in Malta conducted by Oceana in 2006:

What is that meat you’re preparing? This is blue shark steak.

It actually looks like steak. I haven’t seen blue shark being prepared like that.It’s very common here in Malta- and in Italy they also prepare blue shark like steak. You can make lets really easily

It looks like sword fish. Yes and it tastes as good as sword fish as well.

Are you selling it as sword fish? No, but if you buy sword fish off the menus in restaurants around here - and also in Italy for that matter - you won’t be able to tell if you’ve been served shark or sword fish.

So how do I tell the difference? That’s the hard part. From taste alone you cannot tell. You need to see it when it’s bought. That’s why in mar- kets you can see the head next to the sword sh meat.

But shark meat is much cheaper than sword fish. How can I be sure I am not paying too much for my dinner? You can’t. But either way, you will en- joy your dinner.