Stop Glitter From Polluting The Ocean

Stop Glitter From Polluting The Ocean

January 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aziair H

Glitter is dangerous for out ocean environment and I will explain why.


Glitter is a micro plastic. Glitter is little and looks shiny. Can't be dangerous right? Nope, glitter can be dangerous one gust of wind and its flowing in the air. 71 Percent of the earth is water and sometime it will get to the ocean

Glitter takes years to degrade depending on the location

Glitter takes up one percent of the ocean pollution. Might not seem a lot right? Nope again, it can stack up overtime and will increase more overtime

• Proof that glitter is polluting the ocean and is not as degradable as it seems

You ever see glitter on your hands or anywhere on your body sometimes? This means glitter takes along time to degrade 

Glitter is tiny and you can barely see it but that does not mean it's a problem. This can be hard to remove from the ocean and if we could stop the production of glitter than move onto the next line of words

•EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA can remove the production of glitter and stop the pollution. Any percent matters

•The president can also help by spreading the word to others

•Any other person can help spread the word or stop buying glitter

I would like scientists or someone to conduct a research experiment into this matter

The Guardian wrote, "We’ve known for years that microplastics are problematic, but new studies keep emphasizing just how much of an impact they are having on the environment. One study from June 2020 found microplastics can become airborne and come down in rain – literally rain down – on protected natural areas we expect would be pristine."

This is a problem if we continue using glitter. A global ban or anyway to reduce glitter from the ocean 








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Signatures: 53Next Goal: 100
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