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Stop the Seismic Surveys and Oil Drilling on Kangaroo Island

Seismic testing shoots extremely loud blasts of compressed air through the oceans and deep into the bedrock under the seafloor to help locate oil and gas deposits.
Research has shown that this greatly interferes with normal marine life and can cause deafness and even death in mammals and fish. Exploration companies state that 'fish and other marine life will survive because they will leave the blasting area.' The waters of Kangaroo Island are one of only three known feeding areas for the endangered blue whale, and are a key feeding and breeding area for many other whale species.

Bight Petroleum has lodged an application to conduct seismic surveying for future oil and gas exploration around the waters of Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

An oil spill would devastate the ecology of Kangaroo Island and destroy the tourism and fishing industries of Kangaroo Island, and other parts of South Australia.

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