Save the Wakiti Creek System

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The Wakiti Creek system is 41.8 kms long, a natural Oasis.

The Wakiti creek system is part of the lower Goulburn floodplain, flowing out of the Goulburn River. The Wakiti creek supports a diverse array of indigenous plants, animals and birdlife, home of up to 493 different species. 110 of these are threatened species in Victoria. The Eastern long neck turtle is one of these threatened species. These turtles have made a permanant home along the Wakiti creek. To maintain a healthy riparian and floodplain area, water is needed. Native fish species, including Murray Cod, also require water to stay alive and continue breeding. The Wakiti creek is all but dry.

The Goulburn River has environmental flows several times a year, at a level just below the entry point to the Wakiti Creek. Why couldn't the entry neck to the Wakiti creek be lowered to its natural level, which would allow a flow through the creek and out the other end back into the Gouldburn river? There is a natural drop of 15.2 meters from one end to the other, so it is very possible to do. If done on a regular basis, very little water would be needed after the inital flow. 


We ask that you sign this petition to keep the Wakiti creek & all it's native species alive.