Fix the Youth Justice System

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The fatal car accident in Alexandra Hills on Tuesday 26 January, 2021 killing Kate Leadbetter, Matthew Field and their unborn son Miles could have been avoided if youth laws were tougher.

Kate and Matthew were walking their much loved dogs on Tuesday afternoon when allegedly hit by a stolen Landcruiser, driven by a 17 year old.

The youth justice system needs to be reviewed.

Do we have sufficient  resources in the community for youths?  

Do youths understand the support that is available to them?

What process is in place to support or councell children living with parents or guardians who have committed crimes?

There is a  lot of work undertaken to review and update existing systems and laws and implement changes.  We all recognise that more is needed to stop youth criminal activity and Government need to pass new laws.

Penalties need to fit the crime.

17 year olds who committ heinous crimes ie rape, murder or continually break the law, to be tried in the adult court.

Intervention for children living with adults who commit crimes, is never too early.

By law, all stillbirths in Australia must be registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages in your State or Territory.  Why then, is an unborn baby not recognised as a human in our courts?

Now is the time for Goverment to address the need for a new law to be passed, recognising unborn babies as human beings in the courts.

Now is the time for change.

Now is the time to introduce new laws.

We are a community in mourning, angry, frustrated and confused as to why this tragedy has happened.   It is not only in the Redland City community, these senseless tragic accidents are happening across Australia and impacting on many family and friends.

We need to be united and act now to help prevent other innocent families and friends enduring the heartache of senseless deaths.