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Enforce and create Animal cruelty laws in Bangladesh.

Currently, there is no law in Bangladesh to prevent cruelty to animals or to aid in their welfare. Street animals are being abused daily by general people. There is an old law against animal cruelty "THE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, 1920" which needs to be revised and to be strictly enforced. People don't find anything wrong in torturing, abusing and killing street animals. Stray dogs and cats are beaten, killed, poisoned and kicked for fun. People cut their tail, throw hot water & stone at them. In slum areas people bury alive kittens. In aristocrat area like Banani people drown puppies in water to stop their barking. People throw them from roof top for fun or silly causes like if the animal entered the house in search for food. We cannot do anything to help/save them or take any step against the abuser because that 110 years old law is long forgotten and people are not aware that we have an animal rights law. The animal abusers always get away with their crime in lack of an appropriate law.
Street animal abuse is increasing day by day and it needs more attention. Pets are being abused too by the owner and sometimes are neglected and starved to death. So this law needs to cover same punishment for abusive owners too. We want strong and specific Animal cruelty law in Bangladesh to secure streets animals and pets. Bangladesh Govt. has already taken a commendable step in protecting wild animals of forest by having a strong law against poachers and hunters but at the same time when other countries are taking step for stray animals, Bangladesh govt. also needs to take same step too. We need to have strong police force enforcing the law efficiently and the punishment should include jail time and money penalty. Just because stray animals don't have any commercial use, they don't deserve to be treated like this as it is a question of humanity.
Abuse criteria: For street animals: Killing, beating, kicking, poisoning, throwing any object that can hurt, injuring the animal with objects, spitting, any kind of torture that harms the animal psychologically or physically. For pets: if the owner kills, beats, kicks, poisons, throws object that can injures the animal, makes the pet starve, leaves the pet on street, keeps the animal outside without protection in extreme situation like heavy raining or too cold, any kind of torture that harms the animal psychologically or physically. Bangladesh govt. has stopped culling dogs in Dhaka city with the help of “Obhoyaronno” and we are proud of this, now we pray and hope that they will revise the previous animal welfare law to protect our street animals & pets.
How long will the street animals be abused and killed? How long will the abusers get away with their crime? How long will it take for us to stand up? Help stop animal abuse. Take action and sign this petition to end this situation in Bangladesh.

Sponsored by: Dipanwita Ridi & Amy Aporna Baroi.

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